Priorities and Excuses


Several months ago we did some soul searching. We looked at our business activities, the results we were achieving, and what direction we want to move. Most were moving in the right direction needing just a few minor modifications.

Wealth and Wisdom was a different story.

We started Wealth and Wisdom as a site to provide small businesses and micro-entrepreneurs resources. Our plan was to become the place to go if you needed tools, products, or advice. Wanting to stay at the forefront of technology, we investigated RSS feeds and blogs.

And somehow I co-opted the entire enterprise to become my bully pulpit. In the process it became another obligation: I must post every week no matter what. None of this helped us move towards freedom.

So we changed priorities and focused our energy on building our other businesses. We also stopped trying to force Wealth and Wisdom into a cash machine, and kept it dedicated to our journey as entrepreneurs.

And now to the excuses

At the same time, life has gotten complicated. Selling our house, working hard to hit my sales quota (day job), building two side businesses, family, etc….These have all absorbed a ton of time. Things like blogging took a back seat.

Yep, it’s an excuse. These was always an hour each week to post. And now that the pressure is off me to make it profitable, I can write the things I want. I can explore my continuous personal development. I can write about the things I learn while growing our businesses. I can write about my job and not worry that it makes me less of a guru.

Going forward

I still plan on posting regularly. I enjoy writing, and getting it on paper (or the screen) helps me clear my head, organize my thoughts, and work through challenges. I also have enjoyed building my own little corner of cyberspace. I am thankful that you have stuck with me, some of you for over two years!

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5 Responses to “Priorities and Excuses”

  • Thanks for writing such nice blog.
    Sometime We come up with a great idea that will give us success but drop it before it has been properly executed to go on to the next big thing or something that’s more exciting. We always want to be occupied with the next big thing! We lack Focus unless we specifically and consciously “decide to focus”. Here I found some points regarding the wealth dynamics. Check out

  • Brandt Smith

    @Roger – I agree about needing to stick to an idea until we prove it isn’t a winner.

  • I agree with Roger’s friend:)

  • Dee

    This was a great post. I found myself in the same situation as you have with Wealth and Wisdom with my own blog. The premise was the exact same as yours, but I stuck with it attempting to make it work for four years – bad idea:)

    I’ve since stop posting to it, and I still have ideas that might help the solopreneurs I targeted but there was simply no way to make it a business the way it was going. Even moved it to it’s own WordPress account but no takers.

    Thanks for being so honest about your journey as entrepreneurs, most of what’s written online ‘guilds the lily’ instead of admitting some ideas aren’t going to become profitable no matter how passionate, educated or how much marketing you do.

  • Brandt Smith

    @Dee – “guilding the lily” doesn’t help anyone. Also, it’s pretty hard to be credible unless you write the truth.

    As for priorities, sometimes it is best to “walk away” instead of forcing yourself to work on a low impact activity.

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