Get out of the way


It is not easy to say, but sometimes I’m my own worst enemy. I insert myself into every crevice of our business and insist on doing it myself. While I’m pretty competent, I am definitely not fast. Also, since I can’t do everything at once, I often become a barrier to my own success.

Part of this is because I like doing things myself. Part of this is that I’m pretty good at most things and often do a better job. Often it is because it gets done exactly as I envision it. Usually it is because I love to be in the middle of things and don’t want to miss out.

But mostly I use it as an excuse to undermine my success, and to fill my time with tasks that are not important….

This is actually something I’ve been working on lately

  • Having a definite purpose
  • Keeping a clear picture of what I want to achieve in mind
  • Not loosing myself in how we are going to do it. It is important to do things, but only if they move us towards our goals.

I won’t say I’ve been perfect, but I have improved. A lot of pieces are in place for our multiple revenue streams and we are working on something that could be huge.

But I need to make sure that I stay out of the way. I need to let my business partners participate more and share in the effort (and glory). I need to keep an open mind to other people’s ideas. I need to keep the end in mind and not get lost in the minute (unimportant) details.

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3 Responses to “Get out of the way”

  • Thanks for the post!
    I should “maximize” my time in dreaming up and creating new ideas, products and strategies. Key to this is choosing a market or niche I’m passionate about and can see myself remaining in even when its no longer about the money.

  • Brandt Smith

    @Roger – Having a vision of what you want to accomplish is the first step. In my case dreaming just frustrates me. I’ve found there to be a big difference is that dreaming doesn’t include the action necessary to create a compelling future.

  • What an informative take on finances. This can help people with their own financial endeavors. Great blog, by the way!

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