Gratitude is at the core of all success. Yes, you need to have a vision of what you want, but unless you are grateful for what you already have, you will never achieve your goals.

This is mainly because of three things:

  1. If you are not grateful for what you already have, why would anyone God give you more?

    Think about it….Who are you more likely to help, someone who appreciates your assistance, or someone who takes your help and spits in your face?

  2. Being grateful focuses you on the positives in your life, on what you want. It is a known fact that you get what you focus on, and if you are grateful you bring more good things into your life. Conversely, if you are dissatisfied, you bring more dissatisfaction in your life.This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t want more, it just means you need to appreciate what you already have!
  3. When you focus intently on what you want in life-setting goals, visualizing, and using positive affirmation-you create a gap between where you are and where you want to be. While this can drive you to make changes and accomplish things, it also creates a lot of distress in your life. Gratitude is like a salve applied to this discomfort, and allows you to be driven without tearing yourself apart or going bonkers.

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2 Responses to “Gratitude”

  • this blog reflects how we should always be thankful, we should always put an importance for those things we already have and those things we can have in future. By this we can appreciate everything God has been given to us.

  • I feel so grateful right now after reading this wonderful post, Brandt :).

    I think that the perfect combination between points 2 and 3 is the secret ingredient for true success.

    Some people get so carried away in the rat race without taking a few minutes to hold their breath and appreciate what they already have; while others tend to abuse gratitude as an excuse for laziness and stagnation! They say:”we are happy where we are. We wouldn’t ask for more!” While in fact, they have barely touched the surface of their true potential.

    We need both: we need to start by deeply appreciating what we already have and then dream big and go for our dreams relentlessly; knowing when to accept what we can’t change and when to change what we can.

    In other words, I believe that truly blessed people are the ones who apply the following saying:”Grant me the SERENITY to accept what I can’t change and the COURAGE to change what I can and the WISDOM to know the difference”.

    I sincerely wish that all of us learn the true meaning of gratitude. Then and only then, we will find happiness and peace. Happy new year to everyone :).

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