Screwed by the Post Office


I knew it was wrong. Oh, I’ve gone down this path before. You said all the right things. You promised me the world. All I needed to do was trust you – you’d never do me wrong again!

Our business had a major bid to submit, and we were running behind. The RFP (request for proposal)  requirements were extensive and it took all day to put together the paperwork and documentation. This was a major project for us, not just because of the $30k we would make, but because it would allow us to get paid to travel around Florida.

The bid was due Wednesday at 2pm, and since it was a municipal sealed bid, if our proposal was one minute late we were eliminated. When we compared overnight delivery options, the post office beat FedEX and UPS – same delivery time but for much less. In spite of our past experiences with the postal service, the siren song of saving $20 seduced us.

Then the post office delivered our bid hours after the due date. All our work was for nothing, and the loss of potential revenue was crushing.

This isn’t a story about the incompetence of the Post Office (which is well documented).

It’s about learning life’s lessons without having to get hit upside the head.

We should have known better. I’ve had problems time and time again with the post office. The customer service is terrible, and they do nothing to make things right. Don’t get me wrong, FedEX and UPS both make mistakes. The difference is that they do it less, and they do backflips to make things right.

And that is worth a few dollars more.

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3 Responses to “Screwed by the Post Office”

  • Thanks for sharing this story … it’s a good reminder to never, ever be “penny-wise and pound-foolish” as they say. Its tempting to go with the cheaper service … but its more important to go with the BETTER service. I have a hard time remembering/applying this lesson, though I’m getting better.

  • Brandt Smith

    @Paula you are dead on with “penny-wise and pound-foolish.”

  • It is great business blog. I like it.

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