Storage Must-Knows for Business


Strategic thinking is part of every business owner’s success arsenal. Without it, systems don’t get put into place, decisions don’t get acted on, and businesses become stagnant. The word ‘storage’ may not have the same enticing ring as the word ‘profit’ but the two can be linked in more ways than one. Here are a few ways to strategically harness your personal storage needs, streamline your working day, and maximise your opportunity for profit.

The Home Office

Whether you need peace and quiet to think or somewhere safe to lay out the tools of your trade, having your own office or workspace is vital. While you can rent an office or a workshop, for many business owners the overhead dictates the outlay, and working from home is the cheapest way to get started.

Invest in your business by clearing the home decks as far as possible of domestic clutter. This could mean packing up and putting into storage some items such as unused appliances, out of season clothes, or books and dvd collections.

Emptying household furniture such as living room sideboards or bedroom wardrobes, then repurposing them for business storage use, minimises startup costs on office furniture. If you need to set up a home consulting room or similar, putting beds and other furniture into self storage means they’re still available when and if you later move into a purpose built office.

Self Storage for Online Sellers

Maybe you buy and sell through online auction sites, or maybe you’re a craftsperson who sells handmade items. As soon as you start selling professionally, you need somewhere secure, clean, dry and protected to store valuable stock or tools.

Some service providers, too, need secure storage for business items. Gardeners, for instance, may benefit from a securely locked environment for mowers and strimmers. Vans and home garages are notoriously vulnerable to theft.

If you already have office space at home, secure offsite self storage for the bulk of your stock or equipment also helps you draw the line between different business tasks. You’ll get through everything more efficiently when you’re able to maintain tight focus on the task at hand, be it packing or admin.

Profit from the Cloud

Cloud storage for documents is now well established, but have you considered how it might also improve your profit margins?

With the need for secure physical document storage now removed, the space taken up by filing cabinets can be put to better use by installing a desk and renting it out. Either sell the surplus cabinets or put them into storage. If you’re already keeping stock in storage, the unwanted document cabinets could prove handy receptacles or shelving units to help keep stock organised.

Thinking creatively and coming up with solutions to everyday problems is all part of business ownership. Using and repurposing what you already have, and finding effective ways to store and organise a multitude of stock items or equipment, are day to day activities. Whether you go for home storage or look for offsite alternatives, keep it as simple as possible and always think strategically.


Drew writes for Big Yellow Self Storage, which has 76 purpose-built self-storage sites across the UK. For more information see their business storage section or blog

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One Response to “Storage Must-Knows for Business”

  • Since rent is such an important factor on profitability, trimming office space by using home office, offsite storage and online document can seriously help you increase earning.

    Don’t forget traditional document storage. While document digitization is getting more popular, some document is still required to retain an physical due to government regulation

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