Make your wallet heavier with these cash-saving measures


In this world of financial crises and banks going bust, homes re-mortgaged and debts piling up, it’s important to be as financially responsible as possible. And yet, there’s a growing culture of frivolous spending that, with the rise of one-click online shopping, is an easy trap to fall into.

But, you can combat those bills and temptations with a few cash-saving measures. With a more frugal outlook and a few wise investments, you’ll find that a life with extra cash in your pocket beats one of pointless purchases every time.

So, here are a few cash-saving tips to turn your bank account from a financial bear pit to a cash-stable haven.

Make plans for your passing

Funerals are an expensive burden to bear for your family when you pass, which is why you should prepare with a funeral plan.

Funeral plans allow you peace of mind, ensuring that your service is paid for with a series of low-cost monthly payments.

More than this, arranging your funeral in advance allows you to get the send-off that you want. This means you can pick your favourite songs, poems or hymns – or maybe even something more outlandish for a truly unique service – to really add that personal touch.

Spend with cash instead of cards

Here’s an interesting fact for you – you’re more likely to splash out using a credit or debit card than you are with cash.

Various studies have shown that the mind suffers from a sense of “payment decoupling”, which is a fancy term meaning that we feel less like we’re spending cash if we use cards. For whatever reason, using a card just feels less “real” than spending cold, hard cash.

So, the lesson is that you should use real cash as often as possible and, through a neat trick of psychology, you’ll be more inclined to spend wisely.

Be energy-conscious in your home

Nowadays, the energy-conscious home is the cash-saving home. Just think about it – every light left on, every kettle with too much water in it and every washing machine used at too high a temperature can waste energy and mount up those bills.

Using simple measures to cut down on your energy output can really aid you in your cash-saving endeavours, with something as basic as turning down your heating saving you dough. So, give it a go and you’ll find your wallet will be that little bit heavier.

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One Response to “Make your wallet heavier with these cash-saving measures”

  • Aside from saving energy and getting ready for your funeral, the most important thing is learning to invest. Investing money will allow the money to grow rather than have it stagnant in the bank.

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