Success in face to face sales


Face to face sales are often the most evocative and convincing ways of promoting your products and services – so long as you are good at it! There needs to be a passion about what you are trying to sell, as well as a deep understanding of the product range – whether that’s pricing, technical information or other areas such as packaging or delivery options. It can be a tricky thing to master, but once you do you will be armed with a vital way to generate regular revenue streams for your company.

First and foremost sales isn’t for everyone – especially those that aren’t good communicators. But those that do like to get themselves heard can be a great part of the sales team, provided they are given the right tools to succeed. If your company is an established market player, the main thing to get across in a sales pitch is your brand values and what these values mean for your customers. Passion for the brand and an intimate knowledge of the company’s inner workings are the starting points for a successful sales pitch.

Where will you be interacting face to face with potential clients?

You may be able to set up face to face sales meetings via cold calling or email prospecting. But these forms of marketing often have a low response rate. It may be easier to follow up ‘warm leads’ such as recent registrants on your website or prospects that have recently requested a product catalogue.

You could also look to make face to face sales at networking events and exhibitions. These venues will have people expecting to be knocked off their feet with a sales pitch and it is your job to do that. You won’t be armed with your projector and glossy presentation, but that’s not to say you can’t leave your target audience with a lasting reminder of your company. Promotional items such as lanyards that are emblazoned with your brand will help keep your company at the forefront of people’s minds. Take a look at all the different promotional products available by clicking here.

What makes a good salesperson?

Obviously it won’t be a shock to anyone that field sales professionals need to not only have a sure grasp of sales, but also have finely-tuned communication skills, but what else must they do? They need to be able to adopt expert status. When presenting their brand they are likely to be asked questions and they must be able to give an answer without being prompted.

Bring what you are saying to life with your voice projection and body language, this can go a long way to build rapport with your target audience. As can the exuding of confidence. This can easily impress people when talking to them face to face and it helps you come off as an expert in your field and shows you are proud of the products on offer.

Provide sales people with the correct training

Sales executives may be brilliant at closing deals but if they haven’t been trained on the company’s brand, products and services, then they will struggle to bring in any new customers. If you manage a field sales team, it is your responsibility to train your team on existing products and services as well as schedule regular briefings on anything new in the pipeline. That way, your sales team can be first to market with exciting new products and service propositions.

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One Response to “Success in face to face sales”

  • They’re quite lucky to be able to know how to communicate. Aside from writing, I cannot really say that I am a good communicator which does not make me a good salesperson either. It’s true that it requires passion and expertise. But then it also requires charisma which I think is a talent.

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