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Who’s dream are you living anyway?

Who said a Black Suburban will make you happy? Are you buying it for your own satisfaction, or to keep up with the Jones’? Why?

We’ve found the key to life is to do the things you love. For me that is racquetball and traveling the world. It is running a successful business that gives me the time and money to do the things I love when I want. It is spending time with my family.

At the end of the day the biggest question for you is “What is your dream?”

Your guide to making the leap

Most “experts” focus on the 80% of the population that are in debt and who’s lives are out of control. You’ve already learned most of what they can teach you. You may have a few areas that can use some work, but you need advice at a different level.
Why is it so hard to take the next step? Why does it seem out of your reach?

Brandt Smith PhotoWhy do I say I’m not a guru?

Most self proclaimed gurus are experts in their own minds only. I’m a business man with decades of real world experience. While I have used books for learning, most of my writing is based on what I’ve done and what I’ve seen work. Best of all I’ve figured out how to make money, raise a family, and lead a rich and fulfilling life.

Real world experience:

  • 12 years in the US Navy where I learned leadership and teamwork skills.
  • I’ve spent 4 years teaching.
  • Become a master public speaker.
  • I’ve been an application engineer.
  • I’ve been the top salesman for one of the largest electrical equipment companies in the world.
  • I’ve managed two service centers.
  • Sales manager of a six state region.
  • Coached my son’s team to the finals while working full time and going back to college.
  • Won third place in a national racquetball tournament.
  • Traveled the world. Ok, not the whole world but I’m working on it!
  • Started Wealth and Wisdom, Education 2.0, and other businesses.

Next steps

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