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Thanks for your interest in writing for Wealth and Wisdom. This can be a truly win-win situation if done properly. Below are listed my guidelines and suggestions. These are based on maintaining our high quality and maximizing your return.

Note: I get a ton of requests to guest post. Some are really good, but most are mediocre at best. Seriously, 70% of the requests are junk and never see the light of day. Read the below guidelines before contacting me. If you can’t (or won’t) follow them, then please don’t ask. I really hate telling people that their writing isn’t up to snuff. Also, because of the large volume of requests (70% of which are not accepted) we now charge a $10 guest posting fee.

Why Write for Wealth and Wisdom?

  • You will get a chance to share your knowledge with our readers.
  • It gives you good exposure. A reference block and links can be included.
  • It can be a lot of fun to participate with such a great audience!

We are now accepting two types of contributors

  • Guest posts: These posts are considered on a case by case basis. These are the typical guest posts you see on most blogs.
  • Wealth Experts: We are now considering regular contributors based on their experience and writing skills. At this time there is no compensation but we will prominently include a Wealth Experts page as well as links to your blog/website.

Editorial guidelines

  • Don’t waste your time…or mine! Don’t send spun articles. Only submit your best work. Write about your area of expertise, but make sure it fits our readership.
  • Don’t bother asking to write for us unless you are a subscriber: While you are at it, comment on posts and participate.
  • Relevant and appropriate: Our readers are looking for life lessons, wealth building advice, business know how, and outside the box thinking. They are beyond Dave Ramsey and Suzi Orman, and are looking for advanced advice, not personal finance 101. And they don’t want to read about credit cards or other scamy consumer crap.
  • High quality: This is your chance to shine. Show the world how good your writing can be. Please don’t send us articles unless they are first rate. If I would not be proud to call the writing my own, I won’t publish it. While I don’t want to hurt your feelings, I also value my readers too much to allow anything but top notch writing on my blog.
  • Unique: We typically only accept unique articles. Feel free to post an excerpt on your own blog with a link to the article. Also, don’t send us spun articles. They just don’t have the quality that our readers require. Note: I will find out. I check the article in multiple spots to make sure it isn’t posted somewhere else.
  • No Affiliate Links.
  • Editing: I might also edit for grammar and other minor things before posting. Usually I will clear any changes with you before I post.
  • Length: 600-1200 words.
  • Practicality: A practical slant will be appreciated, unless the theoretical material is awesome!
  • Excerpt: If you look at the main or categories page, you’ll see a short excerpt next to the square picture, enticing readers to click on the post. While I am happy to write one for you, you might want to write one for yourself.
  • Images: If you have an image that is okay to use copyright-wise, please feel free to send them in for consideration.
  • Ask me about a topic before you begin writing: Save yourself time and make sure I need another post on that subject! Submit several article ideas and I’ll let you know what is the best fit.
  • Don’t be offended if I tell you no thank you.
  • The guest post fee is non-refundable. This isn’t a profit center, it is in place to filter out the junk articles, but if your article isn’t up to snuff…I’m not going to publish substandard work and I keep the fee for the hours of my time that you have taken up.

Some Tips For Getting The Most Traffic and Readership

  • Writing Style. Use your own style. I have plenty written with my own personality so don’t feel you have to try and copy me. It is actually a breath of fresh air! I recommend using bulletized lists as they are popular and increase readability. Use sub sections to break up the post and make it easier to scan. Remember, readers often scan a post to see if it is worth their time.
  • Content. Look to your own skills, experience, and passions. Personal development and life balance are solid topics but pretty well covered by me. Feel free to read my blog and look for subject gaps.
  • Quality counts. The traffic you get will depend on the quality of your post and the subject. The better these are the better you do. And if it isn’t a high quality article I won’t publish it.
  • Introductory Sentence. All guest posts are preceded with an introductory sentence and link, to be put in by me: This is a guest article by John Doe of
  • Author Biography. Also called a resource block. Please write a short paragraph showing off your experience and your blog/website/service. I allow up to two links. In my experience these work best if they are to related topics.

When will my post be published?

This is dependent on my posting schedule. I am extremely busy. Sometimes I can fit you in quickly. Other times it may take a while.

Next Step (ie…how do I get published?)

Just go to our shopping cart and pay the $10 fee. Your confirmation email will include instructions on how to proceed.

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